About Us

Hessle Dog Rescue Services was established in May 1988 by 4 founding members. Those members were Howard & Jill Williams and Sam & Sheila Morris. It is now run by an executive committee of 8 trustees. Hessle Dog Rescue Service currently has over 150 members throughout the UK.

HDRS was started to cover Hull and the surrounding area but have actually re-homed as far south as Bedfordshire. We originally began as a puppy rescue but soon realised that we would have to branch out and bring in the older dogs that also needed our help. In our 31 years of being a dog rescue, the amount of puppies and dogs that have come into our care now runs into the thousands.

At HDRS, we make sure every penny possible can go to caring for our dogs; whether it be for vet bills, food, toys, or bedding. That’s why not a single person who works at HDRS gets paid; from our Chairperson, right down to the volunteers who help out with the daily running of our shop.

The HDRS Constitution:
1. To uphold the reputation and goodwill of the Hessle Dog Rescue Service.
2. To organise and support any fundraising event in the name of Hessle Dog Rescue Service.
3. To continue to ease the pain and suffering of any animal we may come in contact with.
4. To help promote awareness of animal protection and care.

Registered Charity Number: 1047185