My Little Treasure
Some dogs will guard a handbag
And some will round up sheep,
And some can trail up mountains
Where the snow lies thick and deep.

There are those who bark to music
Or run to fetch a stick,
But I have a very special dog
who has never learned a trick.

But when I wake up each morning
She greets me with such pleasure
She’s always glad to see me
She’s my very own…
My dearest, little treasure.

Missing You
The house is strangely silent
As through the rooms I roam,
No one to follow close behind me
Or welcome me back home.

I look upon your empty bed
Lying close beside my chair
And I lay my hand upon your pillow
Wishing you were there.

Have you made friends where you are?
And are the stars big and bright?
And is there someone to tuck you in
When it’s time to say goodnight?

Can you play upon the grass
As you did when you were home?
And do you get your daily chews
And a nice fat juicy bone?

I went walking yesterday
Along our favourite lane
Some friends came and joined me
But it wasn’t quite the same.

We all miss you dearly
But for now we must remain
So with love we’ll say goodbye, God Bless,
Until we meet again.

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